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Default RE: Dang it, I hate working this hard! There appear to

I realize now you are making an assumption. Just because a car used a part or a part was designed for a specific car does not mean that was all it was used for. Yes, the valve has a 57 part number but that does not stop it from being used on a 58 on a different engine size or for a different purpose. The best example of this that I can give would be B7A-12106-A distributor caps that were used until about 1976 or so. Trust me when I tell you that a 460 was not yet thought of in 1957 but the distributor cap is still the same! The valve may have been designed for a 57 Ford for one application but also used for something else on a 58 Lincoln. We know that a 57 312 did not have an oil pump driven vacuum pump but we also know that the B7A valve was used for that application on a 58 Lincoln. The 58 illustration does show the valve as being threaded. Note that this valve was only used on 1957 312's with superchargers and not on regular 312's. The 312 had this valve screwed into the back of the intake manifold before the booster pump. It is just a check valve for vacuum and would be equally at home on an oil pump driven vacuum pump as it would be on a manifold vacuum operated system. BTW, you really made me dig for this one! I knew I did not remember that valve on my Tbird! Hawkrod

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