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Default RE: Dang it, I hate working this hard! There appear to

>Not really of much interest to me in the context of this


Thanks for the research regardless...

> I am not quite sure what you mean by this:

>"The B7A 9328-A Check Valve was inline and had to be used
>with the base 312 if it is showing in the LINC-MERC MPC
>(have no idea why it is listed under LINC also)."

>This part is the only check valve shown for
>1958 Lincoln's and 1958 Mercury's. I do not remember it on
>my 57 Tbird but I have to question whether or not it really
>is an inline valve. It is very possible that it was
>originally threaded and changed at some point but the 1958
>books (printed in 1957) list this as the correct part for
>these cars with 430 Lincoln/Mercury, 383 Mercury, and 312
>Ford engines. Hawkrod

B7A was 1957 FORD. An oil pump attached vacuum pump was not used until 1958 and only on certain MEL applications. A previous discussion brought this to the boards' attention. This valve had to be inline somewheres within the vacuum line from the two stage pump to the wiper motor (312 base engine).

Not all 1958 LINC-MERC had the vacuum pump as some were assembled with electric wipers. But, they had vacuum servos to operate heat-A/C. Maybe the check valve was used here in some capacity on the manifold vacuum signal?

What does your ILL Section show?

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