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Default More on the 430 T-Bird's Vacuum Check Valve


What are we looking at?

Two styles of 430 Lincoln check valve tubes used to run vacuum from the internal vacuum pump which piggyback’s on the internal oil pump and supplements the wiper motor with vacuum.

The Check valves are both the same. One is a brass 90 and corroded check valve and a broken tube that rusted into two pieces. The second tube that resembles it is a tube I made to copy it. See the photo of an actual line in place on a 430 photo below mounted on a 430.

TOP and MIDDLE lines in the photo of all 3 lines I will call TYPE 1

I just bought a tube and working check valve in Canada and was shocked to see it is completely different from two other tubes I have seen.

The second tube in not only smaller in diameter, it is longer. The tube connects to the same bolt on the bell housing however it is NOT INTENDED TO BE USED WITH THE BRASS 90 DEGREE FITTING. Note the check valves are mounted 90 degrees differently. The only documentation I have found for this check valve in my 1959 THUNDERBIRD SERVICE MANUAL is located on page 1-52 Figure 8 which shows what appears to be the check valve screwed directly into the engine block and call this one TYPE 2. (see photo below, BOTTOM line)

It appears the valve was mounted in two different ways and according to the limited information I have, the correct way for a 430 Squarebird is the valve directly into the block. (see photo from FoMoCo Service manual below)

CHECK VALVE PART NUMBERS on the valve are:


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