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Originally Posted by Dakota Boy View Post
The arms ("window regulator" mechanism) that make the window go up and down need to be removed by releasing the rollers from the window's frame.

There will be three rollers for each window. Pull the little wire clips, and then the rollers can be removed from the pins on the window regulator arms. Then you can pull the whole device out the large opening at the bottom of the door.

Consider throwing away your old rollers and replacing with solid brass units (especially for the rear quarter windows). They are available now through another member here on this site.

I did all this window work back in the winter of 2009-2010, and if I could do it back then when I was a newbie with these old cars, you can do it too.
Thanks for your help guys! Much appreciated I could reach 2 rollers quite easy. But never the front one. In order to do that, I have the whole mecanism thing loose and drag most of it up ( and out from the door ) with the window to be able to reach it. Thatīs why Iīm totally baffled about how to put it back, the day the door is with new and shiny paint... Regarding the rollers, yes, I saw that someone is doing them. ( What thread was that?) EDIT: Found it here:
However, so far, all except one looks OK. But I need to clean the ones from the front windows before I am 100% sure. But I might concider bying the new ones. The only problem I see is that this new rollers dont comes with the stainless collar. Itīs one of them that look bad on mine
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