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Thanks alot Dave, as usual
The glass will be changed. One door glass have a crack since I got the car. I have already bought new from Larrys when I was in USA in November. I does not look like laminated as original, but a one thick piece My car should original have the green as itīs a AC car, but I bought clear ( even though the front and rear are green ) only for the reason that I will have a Red interior and and want as little the green glass changes the color impression from booth outside but also inside while driving. Clear will give me a better red colour. I will not try to take out the engine myself no. I will use the same bunch of friends as last time the engine was out. Regarding the weld, I am very eager to learn more. Shall I MIG, TIG or weld it with gas? I read somewhere that pure zinc can be a good choise to weld ( solder ) with. I donīt know. What kind of alloy is there in this frame?
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