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Hm, It's been a while and I didn't bookmark the page I read it on. What I typically do is save the notes to a file, here is what I had saved,
"Sounds like you may have a frozen wheel cylinder or caliper. Do you have drums all around or disc fronts? If one of your wheel cylinders are frozen, it can cause extra brake line pressure which can cause your brake fluid to leak around your master cylinder cap. I would inspect each brake and make sure that you do not have a problem with one of them. Also, a defective brake proportioning valve may cause excess back pressure too."

Other suggestions I found said that a refurbished MC can have an irregular top rim, (where the caps rubber seal lies). Most likely because the old one was rusted and pitted, and was not resurfaced properly for a smooth surface. Some guys on the link said to take it off and flat file the surface. Here's one of many that talk about this,

All I know is that I could bleed the brakes just fine, and a mechanic had told me I had good pressure at all wheels - I didn't ask where he checked that though. When I found one of my rear drum wheel cylinders not moving I replaced the wheel cylinder and it no longer leaked out the cap seal. The MC leak was from the smaller (rear brake) reservoir. It is a disc/drum setup.
The kit I bought was from "" . I believe it was the secnd one down on this page,

MBM couldn't get me one for a few weeks so I went with these guys - probably a bad idea, but they were helpful for the most part.

I had set the piston stroke several times, and when the guys who make the kit sent me a replacement one with the 9 inch booster I had them set the stroke - they said DON'T adjust it so I didn't.

Not sure what else I can tell you, all I know is that replacing the rear wheel cylinder fixed it.

Dave J
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