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David, take a look at the MBM typical configuration page they
Recommend a residual valve between the proportioning valve and the rear drums.

This might be a help in your/our situations. Since most of our upgrades use MBM parts I would think their advice should be considered.
I do not know what kit was used on this conversion, but if the MC was a GM large dual reservoir, the MC was designed originally for a DISC/DISC application. There is no residual valve as one is not used in a DISC/DISC application. The kit vendors use this MC as it can be included in either a DISC/DRUM or DISC/DISC changeover.

Any drum brake system has to have a 10# residual valve (GOOGLE for brake theory as I am tiring of harping on this).

The only kit vendor I have seen present this factoid is MPB. BTW- They also offer the correct FORD style MC (optional) in their kits.
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