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I have to ask, Kultulz, since I have a 298/C4 in my '55 Ford: was the optical illusion of a 312 done just by using an adapter to mount the Y-block valve covers and reuse the original air cleaner, then painting the block/intake/front cover red? Obviously you couldn't mimic the spacing of the exhaust manifold/outlets and mounting the distributor in the rear: you could do that, though, with a (vomiting in my mouth as I type) belly-button (gag) SBC (hurl).

No, he had used the SBF covers but had painted them black and decal-ed them with the THUNDERBIRD SPECIAL decals. He retained the 57 FORD air cleaner. The engine had been painted red of course.

The distributor position did throw it off but was hardly perceptible. Had he run the plug wires tightly around the rockers covers, the feature would be more hidden (IMO).

The exhaust manifolds did give it away but he said it had fooled several old timers at shows.

As for the intake, EDELBROCK makes an AIR-GAP that would give the almost same appearance as the Y-BLOCK intake.

I have been thinking this out since I saw it (several years) and with the addition of DIS (coil packs mounted and hidden @ rear of intake and plug wires originating from the back) and early SBF front engine dress (with closed rocker covers), one could almost complete the illusion (again IMO). Shorty headers (maybe with raised runners) would be a nice touch.

But like I said, it would not fool a purist but it surely would make many wonder...

Are there adapters that would allow the use of Y-Block Rocker covers?
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