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Originally Posted by KULTULZ View Post

I looked for a few minutes impressed with the 312 I thought I was looking at but something(s) did not seem quite right. I looked back at him and he had a possum smile on his face. I looked again and finally realized what he had done.

He did a 351W/AOD swap and made the engine appear as the correct 312 of the period. I turned and smiled and he said he didn't know how many he had fooled at cars shows their thinking it was the correct engine. I need to get back up there and get photos. You can also make yours appear as OEM and still enjoy the later drive-train.
I have to ask, Kultulz, since I have a 298/C4 in my '55 Ford: was the optical illusion of a 312 done just by using an adapter to mount the Y-block valve covers and reuse the original air cleaner, then painting the block/intake/front cover red? Obviously you couldn't mimic the spacing of the exhaust manifold/outlets and mounting the distributor in the rear: you could do that, though, with a (vomiting in my mouth as I type) belly-button (gag) SBC (hurl).
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