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Default My Golde Top

Hi William, you can send your pix to me and I can post them for you. I just checked the Tbird Registry to see if your VIN # has been registered in the Registry by a previous owner. It has not. You might want to register it there. Joh Rotella is gathering information on every surviving, crushed or parted out Tbird he can so we will know what has happened to them.

Your Data Plate tells me your Golde Top left the factory as a 2 Dr Hardtop (63A), with a Raven Black paint job (Paint Code A), an interior of Beige Tan/Light Tan Leather (Trim Code 84), a rather unusual interior scheme, I would think, for a Black car. The date indicates it was scheduled for production on the 16th of May, 1960. It could have been made earlier or later than that depending on if they were behind or ahead of schedule. The Trans Code 4 tells you it had a Cruise-O-Matic tranny in it, with a 3.10 Axle (Code 3).

So, according to the figures you gave me, that was what she was the day she left the factory. You also might want to check this website for additional information regarding your Golde Top.

You should look and see if you can find your ROT Sheet (Rotation Sheet) also called the Build Sheet. When they finished building the car, instead of getting out of it to discard this flimsy piece of paper they used to put the car together from, they often stuck it in the back seat springs, or back rest springs, in the front seat springs, in the center console, in the glove box, up under the dash, or under the carpet. If you can find it, it is an important piece of paper to have. It will tell you for sure that your Tbird left the factory as a bona fide Golde Top and not one that someone converted after production. Here is what Automotive Mile Posts has to say about this. "*Production figures for 1960 do not break out production of the Hardtop with Sun Roof. The only way to verify a car left the factory with the Sun Roof is to locate the original ROT or build sheet, which would indicate a code of "5" in the TOP section." Or find the paperwork they often taped to the window showing what all the car had on it.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

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