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Thanks Jim and Ray, I do not have the patterns and templates for the little birds. So if the foams are available thru aftermarket suppliers, that'd be the best way to go. For foams not available thru parts houses, I can make patterns and templates and fabricate new foams. I've done Mustangs, Falcons and a few others over the years.

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Jed does seat foams not only for our Squarebirds, but for all 1958-1966 Tbirds. He also does complete steering wheel restorations. You can PM him using his user id listed below, or his contact information is listed in the Advertisements Forum under Jed Zimmerman Restorations. I know that he has not done any seat foams for Babybirds, but he can, if he has the old seat foams as patterns and other information. If interested contact him for details.
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