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Default '57 Brake Master Cylinder

First I would like to thank you all for your help with our project, the ignition switch problem is solved.

Today we have an issue with the master cylinder (new from MAC's Auto Parts) and the brake pedal push rod.

The main piston of the master cylinder is hollow, that is I can see the back of the black rubber seal on the face of the piston. I've never seen a master cylinder that was not solid on the face. Pic 1

The push rod is a smaller diameter than the hole in the master cylinder piston, so small it pushes up against the rubber seal. The hole of the piston has a shoulder machined into it that looks like the rod is supposed to press against it, but the rod is so small it passes right by.

The rod looks like it needs some kind of fitting on the end but the old M/C did not have one and it has a blind hole so the rod moves the whole piston without any problems.

Any advice on this?
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