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Default RE: Engine Identification


>Thanks for the tranny ID info.... Thats a keeper! I will get
>at those numbers this weekend and then I'll know if this was
>a complete transplant (I already suspect it is).

>I do believe I will take your (and others) advice and if I can't
>find a date proper engine by the time I'm ready for it, I'll
>run this little baby... It would be more sellable running
>anyway (?) <--- I would imagine.
>Once more, thanks for all the help and support. I'll post
>the tranny #'s as soon as I can.


If it were mine (and I can only wish here), I would keep this early engine and if desired find the correct carb and rocker covers (if they are different). Finding a numbers correct engine this late in the game may prove difficult. This will give you power until you can maybe find the correct casting/date codes to make it correct.

Maybe look in HEMMINGS to see if there is anything available. May have to but it piece by piece.

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