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Thanks for the compliments! Routing the wires down along the round frame crossover tube hides the wires a bit too.

I drove the 57 for the first time today since Oct just before leaving for FL. It was awesome to hear that unique Y-Block sound again after 6 months. The SS cap screws made the installation much easier as a hex head bolt hit one of the tubes. Interestingly enough, when I had this engine rebuilt a couple of years ago, the shop called me and said they couldn't figure out how to remove those capscrews. I took a 1/2" length of allen wrench and a ratcheting box wrench to the shop and quickly removed them. I don't know if the shop foreman was was more embarassed or ticked off not being able to figure it out.

I always find the approach taken for modifications interesting and the upgrade to an alternator is a definite improvement. I tried to keep the original gen bracket for some reason, but at the same time wanted to make the original voltage regulator and all the jumble of wires on the inner fender disappear. Other guys want to keep everything except the generator and that works well too. Different strokes.............!

The headers were "aluminized" nearly 30 years ago and still look almost like the day I got them!

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