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Nice job, Joe. Nice car, too. I like lots of things you have going on, here. Your alternator looks like it belongs there. I don't see a fuse on it, but I hope you have one. (On all 1-wire systems, there is no place to connect a GEN light, so you lose that feature.*)

I like the headers on your Y-Block, and the stainless steel socket head cap screws that fasten them.

You Squarebird guys, take a look at Joe's top pivot shaft on his upper "A" arm. Notice that it is slightly longer on the back than the front. So, it must go back together the same way after changing bushings.

That's the reason for taking lots of pictures and marking your parts before disassembly.

* I like having a fat red GEN light. It lets me know right away when something is wrong. For systems where the water pump shares the alt/gen belt and it flys off, that GEN light will save your engine. By the time your gauge hits "HOT", your engine is already too hot. If a volt gauge drops below normal, it's already too low. Most drivers rarely look at the gauges, but an obnoxious idiot light quickly draws my attention BEFORE disaster strikes.
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