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Default RE: Engine Identification

>I got my '58 bird a few months ago and until my building is
>done have been gathering some replacment parts and going
>over everything getting ready for a complete restoration. I
>have not paid much attention to the engine because I planned
>on doing a complete rebuild.
>However this morning I made a very disheartening discovery.
>It seem this might not be the correct engine for this
>car...Oh No!!!!
>The big tip off was the Carter AFB carburetor instead of a

ONLY 352's had Autolite 4100 carbs. ALL 430's came with Carter AFB's either a 2992s or 2853s
>The engine visualy is not a 430, it seems to be a 352...

If the valve covers have 5 bolts and say FORD it's a 352. 430's had smooth covers with 6 bolts.
>checked the "engine block assembly date code" and it does
>not make sense..
>The code I have is 1-7AP0 ( I think it's a zero). according
>to the spec sheets the first number (1) is the engine plant
>the second number (7) is the year (1957?). so far looks
>good. here is where I lose it.. the third figure should be a
>number designating month I have the letter A , the fourth
>figure should be a letter designating date I have P... so
>what do I have???? the third figure should be a number and
>it's a letter?????? and whats with the AFB? Ca anyone shed
>some light on this.... I am just devastated that I have the
>wrong engine.......... What else can I check (easily)?

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