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I agree with Jon on this one.

The book says you can remove the top radiator support, fan, top radiator hose and loosen the two outer lower radiator bolts then lean the radiator back and pull the condenser / drier out as a unit. May be a possibility but unless your arms are about 6 ft long I doubt you would be able to reach the hose connector to remove it with the radiator still in place and leaned back. The connector on the drier will not be that strong so you will need a wrench on the drier to keep from bending it.

One word of caution - when I removed my radiator the 3 bolts on the bottom are inserted into 3 captive nut slots on the cross brace. Those captive nut assemblies were very brittle and fell apart. I had to make some bolts with a tab to put back in the slot to re-attach my radiator. Was not able to locate the captive nut assemblies as a replacement.

As unlikely as it may seem - removing the front bumper / grille assembly seems like a good option if you just need to replace that hose. (pretty sure all the grille is removed from the back so the whole bumper will need to come off). Don't forget to unhook the parking light wiring if you go that route.

The compressor would need to be free (able to rotate the center section that is connected to the internal compressor parts) but still that would not tell you if the seals, clutch and rings are good. The seals are for R - 12 and unless you are using that same freon again they will probably need to be replaced anyway. Fairly easy for us here in the US to just buy a rebuilt compressor ready for R -134.

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