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Originally Posted by DKheld View Post
Been there - done that - it wasn't pretty or safe looking IMHO. All the disc / drum master cyls I found only used 2 of the 4 bolts on the original booster. I bet there was a reason for using 4 smaller bolts rather than just 2 of them...
Eric (Dkheld) is on the money regarding firewall bolts.

The original M/C (or PB bracket) sandwiched three important metals together with four studs and cage nuts; the Brake Pedal Support Bracket, Firewall, and Master Cylinder (or Booster Bracket).

I heard about 'firewall flex' which didn't make sense to me because these four studs & nuts hold everything together real well. If only two bolts are used, I'm SURE the brake support bracket will flex at the firewall. I am too used to dealing strictly with power brakes and four fasteners at the firewall.

If your money is tight, you do not need self adjusters and rebuild kits are cheap. All OEM parts are simple and easy to rebuild IF your bleeder screws work.

For over fifty years, your car worked just fine using OEM parts. These are all the parts used in your M/C:

Rock Auto starts their price at $13.00 per kit. Only three of these parts actually move. - Dave
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