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Default RE: Engine Identification

>It is interesting how that surge tank on that prototype 430
>is in the same orientation as the 352.
>1959 Hardtop
>1960 Golde Top

It's my understanding the 430 58 T-Birds didn't vave A/C until they made room for the compressor by turning the surge tank 90 degrees and moving the side mounted fuel pump to the top of the engine where the surge tank used to be. That freed up a space for the compressor.

On the firewall... the problem of creating enough space for power brakes WITH A/C WAS TO REMOVE THE HUGE DIAPHRAM BRAKE BOOSTER from the firewall to make room for an evaporator housing. A new Kelsey-Hayes bellows type vacuum booster was mounted under the dash and replaced the old larger diaphram type on the firewall. This created another problem for the brake system. loss of fluid volume.

The Kelsey-Hayes booster's stroke was shorter than the old diaphram type which pushed a 1 inch diamater piston in the master cylinder. To compensate for the reduced stroke and thus, reduced fluid volume for all four wheels, Ford added a 1-1/8 inch diameter booster to the T-Birds with power brakes and A/C.
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