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Default RE: Engine Identification

>Thanks Alexander, I will check for the "352" stamp tomorrow.
>(no A/C).

>Oh, by the way.
>The intake manifold is cast marked 5750034, it should (I
>think) be marked 5751037.

The above Casting I.D. Nos. is the correct PN sequence for this period FE. A 1959 352 BIRD was shown with 5751087.

Do you see any Stamping I.D. Nos. on the carburetor body itself? The 1958 FORD used the CARTER in addition to the 4100 so it is very well possible that your installation is correct or possibly changed (carb) at some point. HAWKROD has the period MPC and can chase it down for you if the carb has FORD I.D. Nos.

As for the engine, do you see any casting marks along the right rear pan rail? These will identify the block.

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