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These cars are old, now. Rust continues to take its toll on everything including the rear diff tubes.

Whenever possible, I jack from under the spring perch. In the front, I use the lower shock mount. In the rear, I go under the coil or leaf spring perches. Then, I use the sub-frames for my jack stands. I spread the stands as far apart as I can, for stability. It's the difference between standing with your feet together, or spreading them apart.

After lowering the body onto the jack stands, my jack remains under a support point.

The number of Mechanic-deaths is always a mystery because nobody keeps those stat's. But, the 'rules' change as a result. In the old days, our houses never had outside receptacles. Now, not only are they mandatory, but they must be covered by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI's), and they must be 20-amp circuits. Same for your garage. People would electrocute themselves, under their own car! Think about it; we construct a tight confined space, then get in it, and introduce electric light bulbs, drill motors, grinders, etc.

There is potential for the car falling, and a tank of gasoline has enough energy to drive you 250 miles. Coolant mixed with electricity is the worst because it conducts much better than water.

Electrocution renders your muscles useless and if you're trapped under a car... Ever been burned by a trouble light? We all have. My trouble light has one of those 'twisted' bulbs in it from the dollar store. They never get hot, output far more light, and are much more shock resistant because there is no filament. Be safe and think about what could happen if... - Dave
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