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Originally Posted by Joe Johnston View Post
Another concern with jacking - I have never jacked the rear of a car by using a floor jack on the diff center section. I always felt that was a lot of weight to pick up from the middle of any car, but have often seen guys do it with no apparent harm. Am I too cautious by jacking each rear individually? I have no issue placing a jack in the center on the front if there is a sturdy cross member, but placing a jack under the center of a rear just bugs me....
I done it a few times. No problems. The load for the suspension is the same as when you drive the car. The 9" diff is a stong one.
Otherwise, when I just need to come under the car in the rear, I jack it on the crossmember that holds the bumper. Again, the bumper is designed to take the original jack, even though it will re-shape the lower part of the bumper quite bad. The only problem I have with jacking the car on the rear crossmember, is that it is located quite high, so with the rear overhang, you donīt get very high before the jack reach itīs full leingth. For that, I have made a special piece that fits the crossmember, and takes up some of the distance down to mother earth. Will post a pic later or tomorrow.
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