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A truck or RV cam is designed for better torque at lower RPMs and typically would have more lift and shorter duration. There would be a part number on it that you could use to figure out what type of cam it is. Also, if you think it is and original from a '73 truck there will probably be specs on it in the '73 truck manual that you could compare to Squarebirds specs. Short of that, you could degree the engine using a degree wheel and dial indicator and that will tell you what the lift is, lobe separation and where it is installed. It is highly recommended that you do this when replacing your timing chain whether you leave the cam as is or change it in any case. Be aware that pre-'63 cams and timing chains are different and not interchangeable with the later FE ones. From your planned usage, I think you would be happy with a truck/RV cam in any case.

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