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Originally Posted by NYsquarebird58 View Post
So just to confirm: it’s perfectly safe to place my jack where I have indicated with the green arrow?

That's right where I put my jack when I lifted it in that shot. In fact, you can still see the jack in this shot (before I moved the stands to the front):

I still had my small 2 1/4 ton jack with limited travel at the time and since I needed to get the car up high to do the suspension, I had to do it in two stages, the second time placing the jack on a solid concrete block. Notice ho high I have the stands in that top image?

Someone mentioned how I had the stands turned sideways instead of front to back. There isn't room on that cross member to put them front to back, I don't believe, at least with my stands. There's a flange on the back side of it that prevents you from straddling the cross member in the U of the stand, so sideways made more sense.

Oh, and those are 3 ton Craftsman HD stands, pretty robust stuff. I think I still have a pair of old 3 leg 2 ton stands. I don't like to use them anymore, though, since I've got 4 of these nice, sturdy 4 legged ones.
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