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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
Didn't we go through this a short while ago? I'm thinking of combining your two threads because your questions and our answers are identical. - Dave
I posted a jacking procedure question on one of my threads about my first t-bird. This question relates more specifically to placing the jacks on the cross member, so I felt it warranted it's own thread.

I think we should have a sticky on jacking procedures. It seems like a basic thing (just follow the shop manual, right?) but some members (like me) don't agree with placing the jack stands behind the front wheels. It just seems like there's too much weight in front of the jack stands. That's why I'd like to hear what other squarebirds owners do.

Here's one of the threads that got me thinking:

I have to give credit to dgs for the pic I used a few posts back since I pulled it from one of his posts.
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