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Didn't we go through this a short while ago? I'm thinking of combining your two threads because your questions and our answers are identical. - Dave
Originally Posted by NYsquarebird58 View Post
I have a question regarding jacking. I want to get the T-Bird completely off the ground, but I want to do so in a safe way and in such a manner that I can leave the car safely on jack stands for an extended period of time. Typically on a frame-on car, I would jack up the car from the frame and place the jack stands on the frame just in front of the rear wheels and just behind the front wheels. Since this is a unibody car and my rocker panels are rusty, I donít think it would be a good idea to support the car from these areas.

I was thinking that my jacking procedure would go something like this:

1.) Slide the jack underneath the rear differential and raise the car
2.) Place jack strands underneath the axle tubes and lower the car.
3.) Slide the jack underneath the front cross member and raise the car
4.) Place jack stands where???
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