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I will chime in here about what Ford did and did not do.

Only about blue for now. The only difference in a production car with the blue/blue highland tweed and blue/white vinyl was the center bolsters.

The vinyl used for both seats and door panels was identical.

The pic of the supposed original vinyl material placed on a set of reproduction door panels is not Ford original grain. Nope Not. Therefore the color is whatever some used to redo the interior in the past.

These old birds have been monkeyed with in their long lives to the point that many feel that what is currently in their bird was original. Most are not original in more ways than one can count.

If you want a lighter shade of blue that is your choice and have fun with it.

I do have original swatches of the 58 materials in a show room book but am currently in Yap and do not have access to send pics. Can do when I get home if desired.

Please note that the reproduction vinyl being used on the interiors is very thin compared to what Ford originally used. I redid a 58 and if I had figured it out before the end I would have gotten a much better grade of vinyl and my guess the grain would be much closer to the original.

I do have 58 with red and white vinyl interior where the rear seat is still all orignal. Shows that the front seat centers and part of the side vinyl were replaced at some point in the life of the bird.

Good Luck
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