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Colors on these old fellas is a tricky matter. I belewe to be lucky as I work at Volvo Design Dept, where the Colour & Material group is a part of us. They are the ones who deals with all our exterior colors, Interior colors, wood, alu decor, plastic color & grain etc, etc. Not only that, while we where owned by Ford, we also have "direct-contact" with there color & material dept. We have the luxury to be treated with booth priority and get the "right guy" on the issue.
But that didnīt help me a bit when I asked about some real sample, reciept or similar for my exterior color Grenadier Red. They didnīt have a single sample left from those days. And nobody old enough to remember anything that could help me either. Neither could our own paintshop sort the paint out. Oh yes, there we have the chips. But I pretty fast found out that different manufacturers succeded different in finding the right spec on there chips. To find out the Original Ford color was not possible. Not to mension the metallic a such, as it was called "Poly" at the time. If you would find the same flakes in todays paint, It would be pure luck. But the problem is that no-one can realy be sure how it actually looked in 1958.

Now, interior colors. There we go again. I did exactly as Gunnar and cut a piece inside the back of my seat to have a covered sample. One of many problems is that I have about 5 different red tones in my interior. Different material degrade different to the UV light. And red is about the most sensitive of course. However, I checked ALL ( I will go leather now ) samples and charts again to find the right red color. I even get in contact with one of our two interior material suppliers to get them help me. The leather industry is very advanced these days, and they could actually dye in the right color, but it would cost quite a lot, and not only that, I needed to buy at least 5 hides, and would need to accept the quality they came in ( class 1, 2,and 3 instead of only bying the class 1 ), as I otherwise would need to buy way more hides. I ended up with a red color that is 2-3 % darker than the ( my piece ) original vinyl (I donīt trust the vendors colors to be totally accurate either. I have seen to many different tones. That donīt say they are bad. Just not 100% right. ), but as I will go for a all red interior without the white inserts in the seats and the door, the slightly darker red will look brighter when you have that much of one color.
So what do I try to say here? Seeking for the 100% original color is nearly impossible. Get it as close as you can. That will most probably look very good anyway.

Now I only have to scan my leather so I can order some paint for the vinyl foiled metal interior parts....
Not sure how to get that going, as we have very little, if any, experiance of painting vinyl. Our paint shop guys looked worried... ( We donīt have "Vinyl prep" or similar in Sweden, and to order spray cans from US is not possible anymore. Flight rules and stuff.. )
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