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Originally Posted by rannugno View Post
The interior color code XA (blue, blue tweed and white) and XE (blue and white) do not use the same blue color tone. I asked a lot of people (suppliers) regarding this before i ordered and they all meant it was the same. As you can see on the pictures bellow, the blu tone is not the same. The piece on the right picture is from behind the back plate on the drivers seat, and have never been exposed for ligth. I have also checked the backside of different other interior pieces and they all have the same color as the small piece and the door cover cover.

So if any other out there have the color code XA, this blue color seams to be rare and it's almost impossible to find interior with correct color.

Do anyone have any experience in painting vinyl? Is it possible, and will it look good?
You nailed it!!

My parents '58 Bird had that rare (XA) blue/tweed seat option. They ordered everything for a (XE) blue/white vinyl '58 because the original tweed material was WAY TOO expensive to go back with at that time.

They were a little diasappointed at 1st in the "new blue" color difference, but since they were having to get EVERYTHING they kept it all for their car.

But your right, there is a lighter shade of blue used in '58.

-Jon in TX.

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