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Originally Posted by barry.wilkinson View Post
...then took it out again still not right so i went home when it started making what I can only descibe as a high pitched screeming noise like fan belt sqealing or somewthing with a small amount of smoke or steam coming out from under the bonnet...
C'mon guys, this is the cause for metal flakes. What causes a screaming noise and produces smoke? A spun bearing.

Those little bearing tabs can hardly hold back a rotating shaft, especially when run dry (repeatedly).

Barry, I wish I had better news but you need to pull the engine out.
Originally Posted by barry.wilkinson View Post
...There was evidence of metal in the newly drained oil but very little.
There should be NO metal in your new oil. You may have spun a cam bearing (I'm hoping this is the problem) or a crankshaft bearing. Either way, you need to tear down and go through this engine.

I have a problem with your distributor 'holding on' to the oil pump driveshaft. That usually means the driveshaft's hex is nearly rounded or the oil pump met with a mighty resistance. Hindsight is 20/20, but I suggest you never run any engine until you know what the oil pressure is. The idiot light is a good tool, but a cheap pressure gauge tells the whole story from idle speed to high rpm's.

Wish I had better tidings and I also hope this helps. If you have questions regarding your engine teardown, let us know. - Dave Dare
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