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While I use my TBird a lot, I can understand if you don't want to change to disc brakes. I haven't, and find my brakes work good enough.

As far as the diagram for using your present power brake unit, get a manual named 1955-57 Thunderbird parts Illustrated. That shows you the brake system. I have a 56 and not sure if the system is identical, but I can send you some pictures of mine. I will need your email address. Mine is . email me.

As far as parts go, your booster can be rebuilt. The booster works on vacuum, supplied from the intake. With the right fitting, you should be able to take if off the intake of the 351.

The other parts can be purchased from the early TBird parts suppliers. I recommend CASCO (Ohio) as not only can they supply parts, but they also have a very good tech line for getting information as well as actually restoring TBirds.. . Another good supplier is Tee-Bird Products in PA. but they don't seem to be very tech oriented.

If you haven't already, I recommend you join CTCI (Classic Thunderbird Club Int'l). They are exclusively early Birds, stock or modified. They sponsor Int'l and regional shows and their magazine is is great.

You might want to see if you have a TBird club locally. I know there is a very active one in Connecticut.

Originally Posted by Doc Love View Post
Hello, my first post on this site. Glad to see the Squarebirds open this forum to the two seaters.

We recently purchased a '57 that has been modified by a previous owner. It has a late model 351 windsor engine and C4 transmission. It runs pretty well but needs a complete brake job.

This car originally had power brakes and while the booster is still on the fenderwell it's been disconnected. I would like to get the brakes back to the original configuration but I'm not sure how the PB booster operates.... vacuum?

I'm looking for a source for the booster, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, hard and soft lines... etc

Any recommendations regarding vendors/parts suppliers would be appreciated.


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