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First off - Welcome!

Next, Dave's recommendation to switch to disk brakes is good advice! Several ways to do it as he mentioned, use quality parts and if you buy a complete kit, make sure you ask if ALL the parts are included. I was pleased with my kit from CASCO which would allow me to retain my 14" KH wire wheels. Some conversions require a switch to 15" wheels. Buy the parts from an experienced vendor so you can get help should a problem arise. Many suppliers on the online auction site offer incomplete kits or parts that don't fit and of course once you buy it, no product info or support. Old Irish Dave comes highly recommended.

All the 55-57 parts suppliers have the parts to make the conversion. I have manual disk brakes on my 57 and they perform much better than the power drums did, especially from highway speeds. The old drums fade very quickly.

Enjoy your car and the improved stopping power!
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