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Originally Posted by lawyercalif View Post
Do you think Howard would be willing to make some more brackets and adjustable hockey sticks.
The answer is yes and no. I will gladly share the drawings for the parts and you can have someone make them for you. I had the parts made by a fellow that has a computer controlled laser cutting machine and a computer controlled press. I gave him the drawings in dxf format and fed them into his computer. He did the work for me as a favour - it cost me a fraction of what it would have at his standard rates. He is set up for a volume operation - a hundred sets would be in his league. It is the set-up time that is the killer. I cringe at the thought of what it might cost to get another single set of pieces made. Another issue is the bending of the brackets. Even with his computerized press, there was a fair amount of eyeballing. They turned out very good but it would be better if a jig was set up to control the bending. John Draxler has the drawings and may look into making the necessary brackets, etc. some time in the future.

The problem Ray described as an issue with the clevis to the KH booster was actually related to the brake push rod from the brake pedal arm to the MC. There is a second arm along side the brake pedal arm and it interferes with getting the push rod off the brake pedal arm. However with some wiggling the two arms can be moved enough relative to each other to get the old push rod off and the new one on.

Ray mentioned how close the brackets come to the steering column and he is absolutely right. The steering column is slightly to the left of the centre of the old master cylinder. This wasn't a problem with the original master cylinder set-up but it presents an inteference issue with the brackets for the new booster and MC. In order to get an appropriate leverage ratio on the pivot arm I had to lower the pivot point to a level below the top of the steering column. This was overcome by pinching the lower ends of the brackets closer together so that the lower end of the bracket is positioned alongside the steering column. As such, it is a close fit.

Another problem Ray ran into was getting the lower right nut on the bracket at the firewall beside the AC plenum. I was able to get this nut on and tightened with an air rachet but it was a challenge.
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