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Originally Posted by kuusamon View Post is still winter and unable to do anything whit this cold here untill about May or June...
It's the same here, Ron. The dogs came in with snow on their fur just a minute ago. To make matters worse, I don't have a heated shop, so I will assemble this build when as the weather breaks. I need at least 60F (15.5C) for spray paint and RTV to work.

This 390 came from a '73 F100. I will ship the engine with the oil filter you see but Penelope may swap his 352 filter setup when it gets to Australia. They function the same and I have no preference.

More goodies arrived. Bill Newman sent a very nice 4-bbl carb yesterday. I'm cleaning it but don't have pics yet.

The True Roller timing set came, the block is totally machined and looking great, pistons and rings are here, and the crank is ground (.010" & .010"). I am re-bushing the rods, then balancing everything, next. More to come. - Dave
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