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Default New Vehicle Inspection Sheets

For the last few days, I have been working on a Vehicle Inspection List, as has some of our members. I want to thank Ron of Chicago for providing me with a ton of information regarding vehicle inspections. I also want to thank Carl ~ partsetal for his input also. Keith is working up things to look for when checking out the body and underside. When we get finished, you should have a detailed check list to run down while looking at a prospective Tbird to buy. Either before you go look at it, or while you are looking at it.

There is also a Vehicle Quick Check sheet Ron sent me that just shows areas to check. It is already up on the Technical Resource Library, down at the bottom of it. It will be easy to find down there. You will need Microsoft Excel to view it. For those who might not have it, I put it on as a .jpg file. If you need it larger, click on the form once and it should zoom to a larger size. At least it does for me. Then print it out.

The detailed Vehicle Inspection Check List is 9 pages long, broken down in sections with detailed information as to what to look for in each section. When Keith completes his information and provides it to me, I will probably have a separate section for the Body with pictures. Marcelo said I could use his as examples of what to look for, and I think Keith will have some also. It is very important that you check out the underside of the car. Marcelo can tell you how important that is! I am working on figuring out how best to put this on the Forum for you to print out. I will let you know when it is up.

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