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Default To Prospective Squarebirds Users

From time to time, we get emails through the Contact Us feature on this Forum from prospective new users who run into problems trying to register, for whatever reasons. We get dozens of new members each month who seem to be able to go through the registration process without any problems. However, there are some people who seem to have problems.

Just the other day we had someone who emailed us to say he was having problems registering. I answered him, but he has not responded. The same thing happened several weeks ago. I would like to remind you of this. BEFORE YOU REGISTER, PUT MY EMAIL ADDRESS'S IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK... I suspect that when I answer you from my or email address, your email system, not recognizing either email address, puts my response, or Dave's, to your email in your SPAM or Deleted folder... Therefore, you probably think that we never replied to you. Check your SPAM or Deleted or other folders for responses from us. You might think that we do not care to have you as new members, but we DO! But we cannot help you if you do not receive our responses for your requests for help. Neither I nor Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, our webmaster cannot reply to you from the webmaster email address that is used to contact us. Dave's email address is You can also call us on the phone for help. My number is 210-674-5781 and Dave's is 248-544-8834. We should be able to talk you through the registration process, which is not difficult. We do have extra security in place because of past problems with hackers and spammers. Those procedures, so far, have kept them out.

I am posting this in hopes that you will see this and that it will help those of you who might be having problems registering.

Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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