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Definitely look at the post about my repair that Jopizz suggested.
Lots of information on how I did I it. If your car is a driver this is a good way to repair those rusted out inner rocker panels. In answer to your question about how to get the "beam" into the area in the rear of the front fender and the front of the rear quarter panel, unfortunately you have to cut them away then weld them back in after the repair (see posts 9 & 5 in the thread Jopizz suggested). It is very important that your new rectangular tubing extend past the edge of the door and into the fore mentioned areas.

If you are building a bone stock show car, then you need to cut replacement inner rockers from a rust free parts car and weld them onto your car. These are getting very hard to find and cutting up a good car is not something any of us would want to do if there is an alternative. It just so happens that I have a solid parts car with the passenger side in great shape and the driver side also in great shape but needing about a three inch repair toward the rear where the guys at the body shop got a little agressive with the torch when cutting out the wheel housings for my car. I would be willing to sell them, but they might be a little expensive because I would have to pay someone to cut them out.

If you have any questions on this repair just ask. Good luck.

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