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Originally Posted by Dan Leavens View Post
I have a buddy that has just taken receipt of a yellow / white 56 babybird last week. Now it has been restored and looks like a beauty but something wierd has surfaced!!!While storing in his garage he can smell fuel and checked the " vented " gas cap?? Okay you babybird experts anyone had this " vented " gas cap before AND any suggestions as to why the smell???

If I remember correctly, the 55's and 56's used a vented cap. 57 used a non-vented cap with a separate vent. My 56 has a vented cap. I have had the tank out twice and there is no separate vent. The TBird parts suppliers sell vented caps for all years.

Check all fittings. Check the carb area, fuel pump (they can seep some gas while still functioning correctly) all lines/fittings, the gasket around the sending unit in the tank. Also check the drain plug - it may have a small leak that doesn't drip but seeps just enough to give out a gas odor.
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