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Default A little history about my Golde Top

Hi Pat, and welcome! Yes, there is someone who keeps track of Golde Tops and all Tbirds, for that matter. His name is John Rotella, also a member of this Forum and he runs the Thunderbird Registry.

You can check the Registry to see if Barry ever registered it with John. The idea of the Registry is to record the status of every Tbird we can locate, as to if it has been crushed, parted out, or is still in use. If you plug in your VIN # in his Search section, it will tell you if it is registered or not. If it is, you can provide John with the current ownership status of the vehicle and its current status. If it is not, you can provide him with the VIN # and the information from the Data Plate and he will register it and assign you a registration number. You can also register it through this Forum by going to the Technical Resource Library (TRL) and doing it from there. You will find it down towards the bottom, under Data & Resource Library on Thunderbirds.

If you will look at the New Members Welcoming Forum, you will see where I have welcomed you to the Forum. Also there is information there on how to post pix of your Tbird. If you would like to do so, they should be posted in the Our Rides Forum. We would love to see your Tbird!

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