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Default Rust Be Gone - 1959 Convertible build

Hi Daniel! Thank you for your donation. I was out of pocket this evening and just processed your donation a bit ago. You now have the Member icon next to your name indicating that are a Paid member. As such, you can now upload pictures directly to our server. When you post something, if you look down below this box I am typing in you will see the Additional Options section. In it is the function for Managing Attachments. Clicking on it will take you to that where you can upload your pix. Keep them at 800pixels or less. You will see the file size limitations for each type of file format allowed. You can upload 5 pix at a time and then five more for a total of 10. You have come across a good deal with that parts car and the arrangement you made for the work with him. Invite him to the Forum also! Thanks for the update on your work and we will certainly enjoy seeing the pix. If they are of a technical nature showing the modifications or restoration work done to it, post them here for others to view and use. If they are just general pictures of what the car looks like now, post them in the "Our Rides" Forum below. If you have problems posting pix, give me a call and I can talk you through it. BTW, as a Paid Member, you can also have your own webpage on the Forum. If that interests you, email or PM simplyconnected, our Webmaster and he will set you up.

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