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That's exactly what I was thinking Grant. He's selling it whole for $1500, he was asking $1800 but the truck is way out in the sticks at his moms house and not too many people want to go out there to see it.
I priced out the crane on the bed, it runs about $3500 new (he told me it cost them $4000). He said it alone is worth the $1500 he's asking. I want to buy headers eventually so they are worth a couple hundred to me - as well as the bell housing and clutch. The T-18 tranny should be easy to sell also. The dually Dana 60 rear end is worth a couple hundred. The cab is flawless other than faded paint. The VIN numbers all match up. The tires are dry and old, but hold air. Plus my 352 should be good to sell for a couple hundred. If I can get it for around $1200 it might be a good deal.
He's out hunting for the next week, but I'm going to ask him if I can pull the plugs, measure the stroke, and oil the cylinders before we try to start it.
Here's another one I found (just a motor). It say's it's a 6.4 liter 400ci. I believe they went to the 400 some time around 1978 when they quit making the 390. Does anyone know if it will drop in to the 59 t-bird?
regards, Dave
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