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Default Possible 390 for my 59, but?

Hey fellow birdmen (and ladies). I found a 69 F-250 dually flat bed with a 390. It has a holley carb, headers, a T-18 tranny, and a Dana 60 rearend. The motor looks pretty clean, obviously has been re-built at sometime. Actually, the entire truck is very clean for a 69. Anyway, it's been parked for a couple of years - I checked the antifreeze and it's green, but when I stuck my finger in and touch the inside of the radiator it was black, like oil had stuck to the inside, or was maybe floating on top. Pulled the dipstick and the oil looks normal. It has an electric/hydraulic crane on the bed. The owner used to use it for hauling 55 gallon drums for his work.
Anyway, from what I found "googleing", oil in the antifreeze probably means a blown head gasket. The guy told me the engine is strong, but he wasn't there to start it when I came by. Actually, I don't know if he's even started it in the past few years.
My question is, is a blown head gasket the most common cause of oil in the radiator, or could it just be dirty?
thx, Dave
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