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one ebay auction Finished last night with a set of hashmarks but sometimes they are on ebay for a reasonable price.
the link to the finished auction is:

I know it doesn't do any good now but keep this seller in mind, he has a variety of Tbird parts for sale frequently for very reasonable prices. I bought from him several times and got more than I bargained for.

Anyway I understood that Mary already has the hash marks anyway.
If you remove the side panel inside the trunk than you can see the inside of the fender panel. Maybe you can still see the original holes. When people close of the holes to make them invisible from the outside they usually do not do the same on the inside and you might still be able to see where the holes where.
Otherwise I have to measure the location where my hash marks are put I need a reference point from where to where I have to measure. From the bumper to the hashmarks or from the top of the wing and from the rear? let me know.
But you should be able to see something from the inside.
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