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Jim, do you have any Electrical Contractors in your area? They ALL have huge crimp tools as part of their trade.

If you show up with a connector and wire, and tell them it's for your classic car, I guarantee you a few electricians will offer to crimp them for free. Otherwise, Harbor Freight has a hydraulic crimp tool (size 0 thru #14) for fifty bucks:
After using it for your job, you can sell it for about the same money.

The solder/no-solder posts don't say what size wires they are working with. Most of our wires are small (#14 and smaller). Something is seriously wrong when someone can't squeeze enough pressure on hand-held crimpers, to properly crimp a #14 connector. I use Sta-Kon WT111M pliers. They are 9-1/2" long and look like this:
Notice the leverage on these crimpers. Sta-Kon also makes lugs (connectors). All their stuff is top drawer.

Each connection should be pulled ****-hard. If wires come out, do it over. This applies to wire nuts, too. A loose connection creates heat from arcing, then carbon sets-up. Electrical failures most always occur at a connection, rarely in the middle of the wire. - Dave

Edit: I ran across this handy hammer-crimp tool for $16. It crimps wires from #8 thru 4-0:
Here's the link:
My latest project:
CLICK HERE to see my custom hydraulic roller 390 FE build.

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