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Default RE: One Wire Alternator Problem

It is a smaller starter used in performance applications. I works better than stock but but does not look stock. It is also a "short nose" It costs about $170. The stock 1958 to 1964 starter was the "long nose" type. The 1965 and later bell housings do not have the recess to fit these starters. The "short nose" starters will fit the pre 1965 transmissions according to the book by Steve Christ on FE engines.

This Ford Style Mini-Starter is an “Upgrade” for the Unique FE Engines

At only 8.5lbs vs. the 18 lbs stock field wound starter in those early years it often reduces weight almost 50% and requires less cranking amps

Because of it’s very small size it potentially increases header clearance and reduces the effects of “hot start”. This starter works well on higher compression engines

Includes the conversion wire kit to upgrade the vehicle wiring

The aluminum nose is hand made for us and we apply our already proven starter motor design and components to this finished product. It does not have the OEM Factory cosmetics, but is a direct bolt in and there are many in use already with great success,rqOrder@1

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