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Default new brakes don't work

OK, I have another problem with my disc brake conversion. (my on going brake saga) Anyway, I got it done and fired her up. The brakes seemed to work, but they are not getting any power. It's like driving with the engine off - super hard to stop. I remembered I had a vacuum line open at the wiper motor so I plugged it with a bolt. I basically have just the vacuum line off the intake manifold going to my power brake module. The rest are removed or plugged. I'm guessing that's not enough? I undid the vacuum line to the brakes and it stalled out. I managed to hold my finger over it while my son started the car and it has a good amount of suction, I actually have to pull my finger off the tube. I don't know how much it actually needs or how to measure it. Here is my M/C, I used the front fitting (the one on the end) for the front brakes.
I used this proportioning valve:
I hooked it up the way "Simplyconnected" shows in his picture of this valve. Does that look right Dave Dare? Oh, another thing to mention - after I turn off the motor and press the brake pedal for the first time, I hear the air suck back out of the power assist module. In other words the brake pedal releases the air - it holds pressure like it should. Does that make sense? I don't always convey in writing just exactly what I'm trying to say.
Can anyone offer advice on this?
Thx, Dave J
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