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Originally Posted by davidmij View Post
...the rod that connects to the brake pedal from the M/C doesn't have the same size "eye" hole as the original one...
Your original rod used a shoulder bolt with an eccentric for adjusting the pedal rod length. The hole in your brake pedal is 3/8" and the original rod hole is 5/8". You also used nylon washers in that old rod which brought the diameter to 1/2" (the size of the shoulder bolt).

I believe you now have a new adjustable brake pedal rod with a 3/8" hole to match your 3/8" brake pedal hole. If you use a fine-thread bolt, the diameter should be right. Also, use a nylok nut because the bolt must pivot.

Many cars used 14" wheels on disk brakes: Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth. One of my old tire store buddies looked up (14" x 6" 5-stud on 4.5" centers) on his Hollander Crossreference books. He came up with a dozen cars that used compatable wheels. I think Ray has some in the Technical Resource Library. So, bottom line is they don't have to be Ford rims to fit our Squarebirds, but they do need to come from cars with disk brakes. Buy five.

Edit: I forgot to say, NONE of these wheels need spacers. I haven't found a 15" wheel that doesn't work (but make sure your front tire clears the fender when you go up driveway aprons). - Dave
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