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Thanks Dave. It's been so long since I went back to the thread I must have forgot. I've been referring to my notes I made when I read it months ago. For some reason I had it in my head that the granada wheels were only if you wanted to use salvage yard granada parts. This is not a real problem as I was going to change out the wheels anyway. Do you happen to know what style wheels (in 15 inch) will fit the 4.5" bolt pattern? I'll call around for some used wheels at the junk yards - this is just a RatRod project anyway. The rear wheels may have to be a little wider cuz I want to use cheater slicks. Guess I better start pricing those. Good thing I'm working OT this weekend again, I'll need some $ to pay for the wheels.
thx for all your help Dave Dare - I'd be totally lost without this web site and all the good members.
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