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Originally Posted by Jimz Bird View Post
...Are the Cragar SSs on your 59 14 or 15 in?...
Whew! Where do I start... My Cragar SS wheels are 15". The centers are huge to accommodate the spinners.

My '55 Customline came with 15" wheels, and Fairlanes came with 16". So, the Cragar's fit both cars the same, even though both cars have disk brakes. The original Customline 15" wheels fit over the Granada calipers, too.

Now about the rings:
"Recent tests by several major wheel manufacturers have shown that when the above mentioned mis-locating occurs the studs actually bend down slightly thus creating an artificial out-of-round condition by as much as .0025"

NONE of our wheels locate on the center hubs at Ford, and they never have (including T-bird wheels). If they did, there would be a real problem getting them off years later (while your lady is on the freeway with a flat). We lug them to the hub's back plane, where cast iron meets the alloy (or steel) wheel. I had one car with wheels so tight, it was impossible to kick them off. That's bad for jack safety and just plain wrong.

Two and a half thousandths??? Rubber tires deviate more than ten thousandths, each one's imbalance throws them off even more, and they come out of the same mold!

Our biggest concern with tires was; when 'lubed', mounted and balanced, for two days, if someone booted the gas, the mag wheel may turn inside the tire beads. Sometimes only one side would turn. That skews the crown and there goes the balance job.

At the assembly plant, as soon as the vehicle is started, they pull off the Final Line fast and immediately hit the brake, to test the seatbelt locks on both shoulder harnesses. Another vehicle rolls off the line each minute, and there isn't much room inside the plant.

People looking on from afar have no idea what's really happening. They think the line workers are just nuts. No, that's their job. Only authorized workers are allowed in the area.
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