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Default RE: $$$$$$$$$ PIT LIVE& LEARN(pay)

Well, like anything else, we can guess until we know. It sounds like it's too lean. Have the car put on a scope !!! Eliminate the ignition system as the culprit. If you have a "rebuilt" Autolite 4100 and it doesn't have rebushed throttle shafts and re-sleeved accl pump cyl, it's just a used carb with new gaskets. For $269 at Speed Merch or Summit, you can't go wrong with the Edelbrock Performer Carb. Its new . . . It's foolproof, totally adjustable. Can't beat em. Both my TB's have em. If you're st on using the Autolite have a carb or shop or someone capable re bush the throttle plate. Then test the carb on a flow bench and re-chk it once it's back on the car. Just for me it's a been there done that. My 60 has had the Autolite, a Holley and the Edelbrock. It runs sweet. 17 mpg too (freeway)

John Byers
1960 Convertible (Orig owner)
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